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“We thought you and the Krongel and Paul team were amazing, we are so very happy we chose you! 

“Thank you again for making this work so well.”

-- Sue and John, March 2022

“Thank you, Kathy and Ann Marie! My brother and I appreciate all the help and support your team gave us. We are so glad we hired you to handle the sale of Mom's house. There is no way we could have done what needed to be done in 3 weeks if we had to do it without you. Emptying the house, getting the windows washed, getting it deep cleaned and staged! 

”We are extremely happy with the outcome. Thanks again, we would highly recommend your team to anyone thinking of selling!”

== Rhonda and Mark, March 2022

“Ann Marie and her Team have assisted me in both selling houses and buying houses. They are consummate professionals, aggressive when they need to be and truly understands their business.  Ann Marie and Team do not waste your time if you are looking for a house and are savvy negotiators if you are buying or selling. 

“When selling my last home in Newton, they were very frank on what I needed to do to get the most money for it and it worked. I have bought and sold many houses during the past thirty years and would not use anyone else. Ann Marie and her partners are incredible!”

-- Carol C., February 2022

“We could not have been happier than we were with our brokers at Hammond!  They were always available at every step of the process of selling our home and buying our new one. They understood our goals, they provided excellent and timely advice, and they had recommendations for every third-party vendor we needed. The whole process was seamless.

“We couldn’t recommend any team more highly than Kathy, Ann Marie, and Pierre. They’re the best!”

-- Richard and Dot J., January 2022

“It was so great to work with the Team and we can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and support throughout this process. Your expertise was invaluable!”

-- Steven and Sierra, January 2022

“We just received the good news that we are on record. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with our house! Wishing you the very best.”

--Nasreen and Mike, August 2021 

“Thanks to all of you for everything! We feel a big sense of relief now that the wire with the funds went through. The sale was a much bigger success than we ever thought it would be, thanks to your efforts. We also really appreciate you helping us find our new home before it went on market and getting in during construction. And with being so patient with us throughout the building process. 

“We hope this year continues to be successful for you. We will be sure to refer you to anyone we know looking in the future!”

-- Aruna A., June 2021

“Kathy, Ann Marie, and Pierre were wonderful to work with. We were first-time home buyers and new to the Newton area, and Kathy went above and beyond to give us a tour of Newton and its villages in an effort to help us narrow down our desired location. The team was incredibly knowledgeable about comps and general market activity and we never felt pressured by them to act too quickly or to overbid.

“They were incredibly honest during the offer process. It’s hard to imagine buying a home without such a knowledgeable and helpful team on our side!

“Moreover, even post-closing, they have been so gracious in providing recommendations for all sorts of homeowner-related items – from painters to closet installation to plumbing and general handyman services. They are incredible resources and really a full-service operation. They go the extra mile to make the entire home-buying process – from the start and through and beyond closing – as seamless as can be. Highly recommend Kathy, Ann Marie, and Pierre!”

-- Caroline and Adam R., March 2021

“Ann Marie and the Krongel-Paul Team are a joy to work with. They have deep market knowledge and are fair, honest, and creative. They are wonderful advocates and negotiators and have helped me achieve great outcomes as both buyer and seller in a number of transactions. And they are a pleasure to work with.”

-- P. P., December 2020

“Thanks to you all. In a sane world, we would be giving hugs, and opening a bottle of champagne, all with abundant appreciation!

"Thank you for the heavy lifting – handling the movers, the open permits, all the back and forth. Yes, we knew you were the ones to help us. You made this possible. The wire transfer just hit, so we feel like Yes, it’s champagne time.

“Take care during these troubling times.”

-- Steve and Laurie, October 2020

“I appreciated the work of each team member and, especially, the problem solving and positive attitude of Pierre in getting the job done.”

-- Carlo, August 2020

“Walking around the house is a strange sensation. It is a shell now, I feel almost like a stranger, but every wood detail, expansive window, and odd little remnant of an earlier family era is embedded in my spirit and my history. I pass it on wistfully, but cheered by the sense of excitement and anticipation I know the new owners must have. This house pulls one in and says, ‘I am a beautiful space and you will be at home here.’

“Thank you, Kathy and Ann Marie, for your advice, help, and support for this mega project in a very unsettled year! My very best to you both!”

-- Carol B., July 2020

“My experience with Kathy, Ann Marie, and Pierre was pleasant and extremely gratifying. Selling your home can be stressful and exhausting but Hammond’s agents made me feel confident and minimized my concerns because of their professionalism and personal approach.”

-- Peter R., July 2020

“We were exceptionally fortunate to have the 5-Star services of The Hammond Team (Kathy Krongel, Ann Marie Paul and Pierre Johnsson). They organized a weekend open house and on Monday we accepted an offer (with no contingencies!) for more than the asking price. The closing took place one month later.  

“This is the most success that a seller could ask for. And then there were endless services that led up to this successful sale: house preparation advice (starting months before we signed a Realtor agreement), house staging, a significant and realistic asking price recommendation, extensive marketing (local, national and international), final clean-out assistance, smoke/CO detector inspection assistance, mover and attorney recommendations, necessary additional support during the unusual pandemic complications and much more. They are a remarkably capable, professional team.”

-- Jim and Marie A., April 2020

”We enthusiastically recommend the Krongel and Paul Team if you are considering selling your house! We sold our home during the pandemic quickly and for an excellent price. Their experience and knowledge guided us through the process of decluttering, cosmetic repairs and staging. They helped us every step of the way and made many suggestions that really made our house look great.

“Thank you Kathy, Pierre and Ann Marie!”

-- Gerry, April 2020

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the efforts and results of the Hammond Residential team in selling my house. Despite the logistical challenges of communicating across six item zones (as I had relocated overseas), Ann Marie, Kathy and Pierre did a wonderful job and the house sold and closed in weeks, at a price beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks and kudos!”

-- Michael C., February 2020  

“We’re very happy with the house and the whole process working with you two and Pierre. Thanks for everything!”

 -- John R., November 2019

“Ann Marie, Kathy and Pierre, Thank you! We truly believe we made the best decision in having you guys do the listing for us. We will happily be a referral to anyone! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication and we especially appreciate the extra effort you made.”

-- Charlotte D. and Greg L., November 2019

“Thank you, Kathy, Ann Marie, and Pierre and the team for working so diligently with us. We appreciate the expertise, professionalism, and guidance that was provided throughout this process.”

-- Bryan and Allison L., October 2019

“Now that I have moved into my new house, I thought I’d tell you how much I appreciate the work you did both in finding the house and in helping me think about how to renovate it.  It seems to me that the most important quality in a real estate agent is understanding what it is that the client wants – even if the client sometimes doesn’t articulate it clearly.  You were just excellent at that: You said ‘no’ when I expressed interest in places that, in retrospect, I would not have wanted to live in.  And when, after a couple of months, we saw the house that I ultimately bought, you said, pretty much right away, ‘This is what you’re looking for.’ You were right, and I am very grateful.  
“Add to that your recommendation for a contractor to do the renovations I wanted, who turned out to be just right for the job, and I couldn’t be happier with your work for me.”

-- Steve L., January 2019

“Thanks to you both for your excellent representation!  You are both a pleasure to know and work with. Thank you so much for all of your professional and emotional support throughout this process.

“We have already recommended you two to several of our Newton friends who are likely to be selling their homes in the near or not too distant future.

“Laurie and I certainly made the right choice when we selected you to represent us.  I feel like not only did we get terrific service, but we also made new friends.”

-- David and Laurie H., August 2018

“Thank you, Kathy and Ann Marie! Always a pleasure. It was nice reconnecting. And it was a dream house sale – asking price, quick, easy – I am sure due to your experience and dedication, so a genuine thank you for that.”

-- Sylvia K., July 2018

“You both did a magnificent job from beginning to end. Your judgments along the way proved sound every time, and you worked very hard – often above and beyond reasonable expectations. For this we thank you very much.”

-- Tim and Nigel S., July 2018

"Ann Marie Paul and Kathy Krongel are the best Realtors we have ever had, and we have a lot of experience. We are expats that have moved seven times during the last nine years across the United States --  Massachusetts, California and Florida and back to Massachusetts -- so when I compare Ann Marie and Kathy with other Realtors that we have worked with, what I appreciate about them the most is that they are honest and they know their market,  plain and simple. They give real advice, even when it is something we didn’t want to hear, but they know the area really well, they are respected and they gave us assurance that we would find the right place, as we did! Thanks, Ann Marie and Kathy, we are a happy family.”

-- Ruben M., July 2018

"Kathy Krongel and Ann Marie Paul helped ease my anxiety over house-hunting because of their deep knowledge of the Newton market. They knew every street -- and invaluable details such as the location of underground aquifers (potential flooding hazards). Kathy’s ‘guesstimates’ of eventual sale price were consistently spot-on. I felt so comfortable walking into a home with Kathy because she could immediately size up its pluses and minuses. In the end, Kathy and Ann Marie’s negotiation skills helped us edge out higher-offer competitors (Yes, it’s true!). They successfully argued that an inspection contingency is a plus for the sellers. And we didn’t pay a penny more than we had to to get our charming home. Thank you, Kathy and Ann Marie!”

-- Karen and Caleb J., June 2018

“Mike and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I can honestly say that you all helped make what is a stressful event relatively stress-free!  We appreciate your attention to every detail and your willingness to coordinate so many moving parts during the entire stage, show and sale process.  We will sing your praises every chance we get!  

“Many thanks and we wish you all continued success!”

-- Mike and Julie D., May 2018

“Kathy and Ann Marie at Hammond Residential are exceptional. Selling a house and living in another state appeared to be a daunting task, but Kathy and Ann Marie made it quite easy and took care of everything. Kathy and Ann Marie prepped the house in record time with very little for me to do on my end. Their experience and expertise lead to multiple offers as soon as the house went on the market.

“When I needed someone to be there to check on the house for whatever reason, they happily arranged it. Everything was taken care of, making selling house from a distance quite seamless. Thank you, Kathy, Ann Marie and Hammond!”

-- Lisa P., January 2018

“Kathy Krongel and Ann Marie Paul at Hammond Residential were superb and provided excellent service in every aspect of the marketing and sale of our home in Newton. Within a couple of weeks, they de-cluttered our basement, staged our house, arranged window cleaning, made professional floor plans and photos of the house and put the house on the market. Kathy and Ann Marie priced the house perfectly and we accepted an excellent offer following one weekend of open houses. After the purchase and sale, Kathy provided excellent guidance and support with recommendations for a cleanout service, electrician (for smoke/CO detector inspection), attorneys and movers.  All went very smoothly and professionally – highest marks to Kathy and Ann Marie!”

-- Art S., October 2017

“Thank you both for all your help with our home sale. You were a pleasure to work with. We really valued your wise counsel and candor throughout the process. Your practical advice and great contractor recommendations made leaving our home much easier than it might otherwise have been. Most important, perhaps, we appreciated your smiling perseverance throughout!

“Now we move onto the next chapter! 

“With our sincere appreciation and very best wishes.”

-- Harriet and Tim P., July 2017

“This was my second time selling a home with Kathy Krongel and Ann Marie Paul. They are expert, professional, experienced Realtors who know the market better than anyone. They listed my home for more than I was expecting to sell it for and it sold the very first week on the market. Their market analysis was spot on. They made the entire selling process feel effortless and assisted me in every aspect of negotiating and facilitating inspections and repairs. I highly recommend this Hammond Team and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

-- Valerie L., June 2017

"Kathy, we’re so glad we chose you to represent us! You’re the metric against which the real estate industry should be measured! Thanks for everything.”

-- Debbie and Stu, June 2017

“Thank you again so much for making the sale of our Harvard Street home so easy! 

“From start to finish we were so pleased that the whole process went so smoothly.

“You both were great through the entire experience, giving us sage advice. We can’t thank you enough for making a bittersweet journey a peaceful and happy transition. 

“We hope that you both continue to have a prosperous year. If we know of anyone looking to market their home in the Newton area, we will definitely suggest that they give you a call!”

-- Jan and Barb K., June 2017

“Now that the dust has settled somewhat, I wanted to thank you again for all you did to make our selling a success. Although I am still having nightmares about whether the house was clean enough to present, I seem to understand in my waking hours that the transaction did take place, the basement is no longer my responsibility, and that the new owners will be fine without me.

“Thank you! And say hi to our other team member, Allison, and tell you ‘thank you’ as well.”

-- Walter C., May 2017

“Thank you so much for all of your help with our move and the generous gift certificate to Pottery Barn. We are slowly getting settled on Whitney Road and just can’t believe every detail fell into place so perfectly to make it happen. We so appreciate all of your assistance throughout the process and feel very fortunate to now have such a perfect house to call home! We know we will be very happy here for many years to come.

“We put the gift card to work with a new rug and some wall organizers for the kitchen, so we will think of you often as we use them!

“Thanks, again, for all that you did to guide us through this exciting (but hectic!) time and for the thoughtful housewarming gift. We are truly grateful for everything.”

-- The Abbott Family, May 2017

“Kathy Krongel and Ann Marie Paul are the best of the best in every way, as Realtors and as individuals. Their advice about every aspect of the selling of our condo, from the pricing to the preparation for selling, to details regarding the closing. We were moving across the country and couldn’t possibly have arranged all the details on our own. We believed right from the start that they could handle any challenges that might arise and they did so -- and helped us to stay calm because of their efficiency and responsiveness. They were in constant touch with us to keep us informed and were in regular contact with our attorney as well.

“Kathy and Ann Marie know what it takes to stage a home for selling, and they know what is not necessary as well. Their guidance during this process was excellent. Anyone looking to have expert and personable and calm Realtors should definitely contract with these two exceptional Realtors!”

-- Donna and Art S., November 2016

“Who knew a frugal couple moving into an expensive housing market could come out of the experience with warm feelings toward their Realtors?!  Ann Marie Paul and Kathy Krongel worked within our budget, all while keeping the single-family home search in our desired location (within close proximity of the MBTA Green Line).  They had just the right amount of hands-on and hands-off advice during our housing search.   During moments of anxiety about finding a good fit in a house, they were candid in reminding us of our original expectations and did not push us to expand our search into other less expensive areas or into a higher price point.  When a house in our budget and meeting our expectations appeared on the market, Ann Marie and Kathy helped our offer get accepted over the other 5 offers.  I believe their experience, knowledge, pleasantly assertive personalities, and familiarity with seemingly all of the real estate agents in the area made our offer considered and ultimately accepted.  My wife and I are grateful that this incredibly expensive and stressful time was shared with such kind, intelligent and professional Realtors.”

-- Kenan S. , October 2016

"We greatly appreciated Ann Marie Paul's and Kathy Krongel's professionalism and diligence during our house search. They are very knowledgeable and demonstrate the highest standards of integrity. We would seek their services again."

-- Melissa and Mark H., September 2016

“From working with Kathy and Ann-Marie in both selling and buying a home, I can say that they are terrific in every respect.   They are on top of every detail, from the first meeting to the closing documents.   They have a matchless list of reliable window washers, handymen, home inspectors, contractors, etc., to get the pre-sale and post-purchase work done.  Thanks to their experience and judgment, their intuitions about  price, strategy, and presentation are right every time.  (I liked the way that they rearranged the furniture in my house more than the way we arranged the furniture!)  And they are calm, clear-headed, steadying, and funny, through a nerve-wracking process!  I hope never to have to sell or buy a place again.  But if I did, I’d call them in a heartbeat.”

-- Elizabeth K., June 2016


“Having identified a leading Realtor, we decided to get another opinion. Ann Marie Paul, and her partner, Kathy Krongel, had us from hello. Their comparative market analysis was two hundred thousand dollars more than the other Realtor's. In addition, Ann Marie advised selling the house, which needed work, "as is," eliminating the need to paint the exterior at about $20,000, or make repairs. Where the other Realtor recommended our hiring a professional mover at an estimated $10,000, Ann Marie sent us her own person who worked with my brother to empty the house at a fraction of the cost.

“The staging was superb. When empty, the elegance and beauty of the house were apparent. After one week on the market in February, we got three offers, all of which were over asking.

“This team saw beyond sixty years of clutter in pricing the house. They confidently and competently handled everything for us; reducing our stress, saving us time, selling our home at a great price, and always with a smile.”

-- Helen F., May 2016

“We wanted to write to thank you again for all you did to help us sell our home.  As you know, our house was on the market for months without a single bite and we were feeling quite discouraged when we called you.  You arrived at our home with a plan, a fresh approach, and the confidence we needed to hear, that we have a beautiful old home that will sell with the right small changes and updates.  You both helped to arrange every detail, from finding someone to clean the windows, pack our belongings, fix the small repairs, and place just the right amount of furniture to stage it properly.

“Your approach was thoughtful and respectful of our wishes, and most important, you were both there to help with all the details from start to finish.  Selling an old home from out of town is quite a challenge.  You made the process flow seamlessly.  Every time I texted, called or e-mailed, you responded promptly with an answer or a pledge to explore the problem.  Especially the work of getting smoke detectors and CO detectors installed in just the right way, what an impressive and dedicated effort!  We most definitely could not have done it without you.  Even after the home was sold, you were there to attend to every last detail. 

“So please be assured that if we find our way back to Boston, we will call upon you again, and recommend your services to our friends in Newton.  Thank you again for all your help!”

-- Stephen and Debra P., May 2016

Kathy Krongel and Ann Marie Paul recently helped us with the purchase of our ‘forever’ home in Wellesley. Phil and I had been looking, unsuccessfully, for a home for over 8 months. It had started to get discouraging, but when we started working with Kathy and Ann Marie (about 2 months ago) everything seemed to get a bit easier.  They have years of experience and it really showed in the advice they gave us and the homes they showed us. They were realistic with us when we needed it, but also gave us confidence that we would find the right home for our family. With such a crazy housing market, we always felt that we were getting a straight answer and good recommendations, ultimately making the process to buy the home a lot less scary and overwhelming. 

“One of the biggest benefits is that they have made the purchase process quite smooth. From the moment we honed in our home, they got us into see it early, they helped us quickly put in an offer and the right paperwork and have set us up with a great team of inspectors, contractors and other help along the way. They are always available via email, phone and text whenever we have had questions along the way, giving us confidence in all the decisions we were making. 

“While I hope that we don't move for quite a long time, I would absolutely recommend Kathy and Ann Marie. They were tremendous for exactly what we needed when we needed it.”

-- Emily B., March 2016

“My wife and I worked with Ann Marie Paul and Kathy Krongel for finding a house recently and found it to be a very successful and pleasant experience. We were based in Asia for the past 10 years and were relocating to the Boston area with our 3 children. While I had grown up in the Boston area, my wife had not.  Ann Marie and Kathy were very patient and informative in getting my wife comfortable with the various towns, school systems etc. Ultimately, when we narrowed our selection down to a particular town they were very constructive in identifying various pros and cons to the properties we narrowed our search down to. All of which led to us feeling that we ultimately made an informed decision with our offer. Ann Marie and Kathy were extremely supportive and informative through the closing process and we could not recommend them highly enough.”

-- Bill C., March 2016

“I’ve been over at the house every day since we closed - walking around and saying to myself ‘I can’t believe this is all mine!’  I sat out in the screened in porch yesterday and had lunch and it was divine!  Thanks so much for everything that you did, especially counseling me on an almost daily basis!  I couldn’t have gotten through this without you!

Any time you want to see me (or Boomer the dog) you know where we live!

“Thanks again for making it such a great experience.” 

-- Anna F., February 2016

“Rapid-response is not strong enough to describe the attention this team gave to us. Throughout the pre-listing, showing, offer, post-offer and closing process, the team provided virtually immediate response to our questions, needs, and issues. Texting, email, and phone calls were always either answered immediately or within minutes. No matter what issues or situations a seller has during the selling process, I rate this characteristic as the most important.

“An amazing contractor/services Rolodex. I was continually amazed at the range of services and contractors this team could make available. Whatever came up in terms of making the house more presentable, doing minor repairs, or handling things unknown to us (such as smoke detector inspection), this team had a set of people and phone numbers that solved our issues completely, quickly, and price-appropriately.  When necessary, they worked personally to solve issues such as last-minute clearing of left-over, unknown contractor’s permits at city hall.

“This team provided market awareness, marketing savvy, and strategy adjustment as a core part of their services. In the months before we decided to list our home, a seller could depend on offers arriving within minutes or hours after first listing. ‘Market turmoil’ is an apt description of the situation we faced when we listed.  Homes were coming on the market daily, owners were adjusting prices downward, and potential buyers were watching on-line and holding back to find the best deal.  The team kept us aware of market conditions and comparable listings, met with us frequently to discuss potential adjustments to our listing and to allay our concerns, and guided us through the process to a very desirable final offer and closing.

“Would we recommend this team to anyone?  You bet!”

-- Fred B., November 2015

“We can't say enough about Kathy Krongel and Ann-Marie Paul, our wonderful dynamic duo Realtor team from Hammond Residential. From the beginning when we first called them in to evaluate our home to potentially list, they were always exceptionally responsive, clear and calm communicators. They are right on top of the market, and provided us great guidance with all phases of our home sale process: from accurate listing price recommendations, suggestions for affordable updates that would enhance resale value, listing and showing strategy, attorney recommendations and more. They both went above and beyond with their service to ensure smooth transactions. Even meeting contractors at the home while we were away, or their husbands selecting new kitchen cabinet hardware and doing the installation! 

“Kathy and Ann-Marie were also fantastic at facilitating very courteous and amicable communications/requests between us (sellers) and our buyers. Having been in our home for over 20 years, it was emotional to leave so many memories behind. And also stressful as we were buying a property out of state and had so many logistics to deal with -- physically and emotionally exhausting. But they handled every detail with aplomb and such a calming influence -- they just made everything so easy for us, which we really appreciated! And oh, by the way, did I tell you that they sold our home in four days?! This told us that the home was perfectly priced for the market and it was a win-win for seller and buyer. 

“We can't say enough about Kathy Krongel, Ann-Marie Paul, and the rest of the Hammond team. We would recommend them in a heartbeat!”

-- Liz and Ed S., August 2015

“My wife, Christina, and I worked with Kathy Krongel and her team on the sale of our home in Newton during the Fall of 2014.  Looking back on our experience with Kathy, we honestly could not have asked for anything more--right from the beginning during our first visit, Kathy was punctual, professional, and efficient, offering solid advice based on years of experience in the Newton market and surrounding communities.  Meeting with her to discuss the possibility of selling our home relieved a lot of anxiety around what was ultimately a very stressful inter-state move with multiple young children in tow!  

“Once we made the decision to move and put our house on the market, Kathy's recommendations and referrals for some simple, yet meaningful improvements to our property--including painters, some minor home repairs, housekeeping, electrical, and window cleaning--proved crucial to the fast, efficient, and successful sale of our home.  Thanks to Kathy's expertise and on-point suggestions, as well as her warm, professional demeanor when showing our property, we had multiple offers on our house and ultimately sold it after the first weekend on the market for a substantial profit over what we paid only two years prior.  

“Kathy and her team made the process of selling our home as easy as it could possibly be and we couldn't recommend her more highly; in fact, our only regret is that since we moved out of state, we won't have the opportunity to work with Kathy again the next time we need to sell!  The Hammond Realty team at Krongel, Paul & Mackey Associates have our most enthusiastic endorsement!”

-- Maxwell B., February 2015

“Sherry and I would like to thank you for the great service you provided as our agents for the recent sale of our house.  As you know, the process was a success, with the house selling for substantially above the list price to a cash buyer.

“We have sold a number of houses, but never has the process been as well managed.  Your market assessment, recommended sales strategy and support materials (photos, brochures and MLS listing) were all professionally done and exactly what was needed.  Having both of you helping us was an added bonus — like getting two experts for the price of one.  And you’re both smart and fun.  We feel as if we gained two friends along the way.

“If you ever need a reference, I’d be happy to help.  Thanks again.”

-- Howard, December 2014

Thank you for assisting my daughter Martine and husband, Chris, with the purchase of their home.  You skillfully handled their anxieties and questions and brought the deal to closing. They seem very happy with the process and its conclusion.”

-- Mary Lou B., November 2014

I recommend Kathy Krongel and her team at Hammond with the highest regards!  Kathy and her colleagues represented me in selling my father’s Newton home from afar – I live in Northern California.   They handled every twist and turn with grace, resourcefulness, and integrity.  I was confident that they represented my family’s interests in every chapter of the preparation and sale of the house.  They were a pleasure to work with and I will continue to rely on them as a trusted resource if I have the opportunity."

--Jane F., January 2014

"My husband, Jon, and I used Anne Marie and her partners for the recent sale of our home and we could not have been more pleased. They were knowledgeable, professional, warm, and always prompt with everything we asked of them. We loved the fact that there were three of them, which meant that there was never a delay in getting anything done. And they always made us feel taken care of throughout the process -- we felt confident leaving it all in their hands.

"They even went above and beyond the call of duty: when I locked myself out if the house (make sure you don't give out your only spare key!) one of them came over, on her day off!, to let me in.

"I highly recommend them for the sale if your home."

-- Jessica and Jon R., July 2013

“It feels like only yesterday that we were looking at houses in the middle of snow storms.  Thank you so much for your help throughout the process!”

--David and Elizabeth C. , June 2013

“We wanted to thank you for all your help with the marketing and sale of our home.  From start to finish, you made, what could have been, a very stressful situation, a great experience.  We appreciate your gracious generosity and all you did to encourage and support us.  Thanks for everything!”

-- Fran and Ken Q.,  May 2013

“Thank you for your great appreciation of our wonderful home, for your staging suggestions, hard work, and enthusiasm.  You did a great job making the house more youthful for the younger generation.  The place looked great, therefore the sale!”

-- Tom and Calder R.,  April 2012